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Every day your inbox is flooded with emails from different companies competing for your attention. Email marketing has become so extreme that most of the emails that slip past the spam filter are deleted before they’re ever opened. As consumers become less enamored with email marketing, an expertly-crafted and high-quality direct mail package from Cortineo Creative will help you achieve greater results.

Studies have shown that 80% of consumers will scan the direct mail they receive. Compare this to the overwhelming amount of unopened emails that are deleted, and the value of direct mail marketing becomes obvious.

Email templates don’t impress anyone; companies have resorted to using them because they’re simple, quick and painless. Fortunately, we take the headache out of direct mail marketing by handling the entire process under one roof. We help you maximize your return on investment after your first mailing by designing, preparing and shipping your marketing materials. Our comprehensive mail service includes:

  • Addressing
  • Sorting, Bulk Prep, Tabbing and Banding
  • Post Office Delivery
  • Permit Usage

Unlike other most printing companies, Cortineo Creative designs, prints, organizes and sends your marketing material without the need for coordinating with outside mailing services. Our comprehensive range of services simplifies the process, and minimizes failures that typically occur when using multiple companies to produce and distribute your direct mail. Combine this with limitless customization and personalization options, and it’s clear why our customers love our comprehensive mail services.